Lenape ceramic bathroom accessories include bathroom towel bars, robe hooks, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, glass and ceramic shower shelves, towel rings and replacement towel bars.

Bathroom accessories at Plum Street Pottery

​Bathroom Accessories


​​​​Dinnerware Sets

What dinner would be complete without a nice glass of wine, perhaps a cocktail before or an iced beverage. Plum Street Pottery offers the finest crystal from Schott Zwiesel. Barware at Plum Street Pottery.

Plum Street Pottery offers a beautiful selection of Tunisian hand-painted dinnerware by LeSouk Ceramique, Gibson Elite dinnerware sets and Pillivuyt fine French porcelain dinnerware.Dinnerware Sets at Plum Street Pottery.

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Circa 1940.​​

Lenape Products Inc.

600 Plum Street, Trenton, NJ 08638

Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

Dinnerware Sets